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I wish you a warm welcome to the symposium ”Cardiometabolic Risk and Vascular Disease: from Mechanisms to Treatment” here in Stockholm from 1-3 December 2017. This three-day programme offers a comprehensive update of cardiometabolic risk presented by a distinguished international teaching faculty.

The educational objectives are to review and disseminate the latest knowledge about advances in the pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of cardiometabolic risk and to discuss its impact in clinical practice. The scientific programme covers a broad spectrum of topics including the relationship between immunity and metabolism as well as inflammation and atherosclerosis; preventive strategies; evidence-based management of obesity and insulin resistance; atherothrombosis and strategies beyond glycemic control; diabetes, acute coronary syndromes and heart failure. State of the art lectures alternate with interactive sessions.

Our Symposium is designed to promote a working and learning environment across specialty borders.

I am looking forward to meeting you in Stockholm.

Francesco Cosentino

Francesco COSENTINO: “Cardiometabolic risk and vascular disease: from mechanisms to treatment”

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The microbiom: a new theory of atherosclerosis

T.F. Luscher (Zurich)

Epigenetics and cardiometabolic risk

F. Cosentino (Stockholm)

The relationship between immunity and metabolism

M. Piana (Genoa, IT)

Metabolism, adipose tissue and CVD

T. Minamino (Niigata)


08:30 - 10:15
Session II: Atherosclerosis

Chair: B. Casadei (Oxford)
J. Pernow (Stockholm)

Novel aspects of platelet biology

L. Badimon (Barcelona)

Understanding the vulnerable plaque

F. Crea (Rome)

Is HDL atheroprotective: current controversies

U. Landmesser (Berlin)

RAGE and atherosclerosis

A.M. Schmidt (New York)


Coffee break

Obesity in CVD: friend or foe?

J.-P. Despres (Quebec)

Current challenges and future perspectives in hypertension

M. Volpe (Rome)

Treatment of dyslipidemias: what is new?

I. Graham (Dublin)

Prevention of CVD: quo vadis?

D.E. Grobbee (Utrecht)



Lifestyle and cardiometabolic risk

M.L. Hellenius (Stockholm)

Blood pressure variability and CV risk

G. Parati (Milan)

Getting patients to target

J. Perk (Kalmar, SE)

Residual CVD risk: where are we?

G. Ambrosio (Perugia)


Coffee break

Update on CVOTs in diabetes

L. Ryden (Stockholm)

Can real-world data in diabetes add to clinical practice decisions?

S. Gudbjörnsdottir (Göteborg)

Antiplatelet therapy

C. Patrono (Rome)

Tailoring antithrombotic therapy to patient, procedure, stent

S. Windecker (Bern)


08:30 - 10:20
Session VI: Diabetes and the Heart

Chair: F. Crea (Rome)
P. Seferovic (Belgrade)

Diabetic cardiomyopathy: myth or reality?

F. Pinto (Lisbon)

Imaging fibrosis in the diabetic heart

J.J. Bax (Leiden)

SGLT2 inhibition, a paradigm shift

F. Ruschitzka (Zurich)

Heart failure patients with comorbidities: diabetes and renal dysfunction

G. Filippatos (Athens)


Coffee break

Chair: J. Bax (Leiden)
Speaker: L. Ignarro (Los Angeles)

Gap between identifying and treatment of risk factors

M. Pfeffer (Boston)

Decision-making in the cath lab

C. Indolfi (Catanzaro)

DAPT: real-world clinical practice

D.J. Angiolillo (Jacksonville)

Management of ventricular arrhythmias

G. Hindricks (Leipzig)


Closing remarks


General Information

Meeting venue
Nobel Vag 6 – 171 65 Stockholm

Registration hours
Friday, 1 December: 13:30 – 17:30
Saturday, 2 December: 07:30 – 17:30
Sunday, 3 December: 07:30 – 13:00

Official language
English. Simultaneous translation will not be provided.

No registration fee is required to attend the Conference.
Please return the registration form to:
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E-mail: info@avec-eventi.com

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European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME)

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Credits
Each participant should claim only those hours of credit that have actually been spent in the educational activity (EACCME).

Technical facilities
A Slide Centre with PCs (Windows and Macintosh operating systems) will be available for Speakers to preview and finalise their presentations.
Speakers are kindly requested to submit their presentations on USB flash drive to the Slide Centre technicians at least one hour before their talks.

Slide Centre opening hours
Friday, 1 December: 13:30 – 17:30
Saturday, 2 December: 07:30 – 17:30
Sunday, 3 December: 07:30 – 13:00

Lunch and coffee breaks
Lunch and coffee breaks will be provided at the Conference premises.

Abstract book
Participants will receive the Abstract book at the Conference

Attendance certificate
The attendance certificate will be provided on-site upon request at the Registration Desk.

Faculty List

Ambrosio G.
(Perugia, IT)
Angiolillo D.
(Jacksonville, US)
Badimon L.
(Barcelona, ES)
Bax J.J.
(Leiden, NL)
Braunschweig F.
(Stockholm, SE)
Casadei B.
(Oxford, UK)
Cosentino F.
(Stockholm, SE)
Crea F.
(Rome, IT)
Despres J.P.
(Quebec, CA)
Filippatos G.
(Athens, GR)
Graham I.
(Dublin, IRL)
Grobbee D.E.
(Utrecht, NL)
Gudbjörnsdottir S.
(Göteborg, SE)
Guzik T.J.
(Glasgow, UK)
Hamsten A.
(Stockholm, SE)
Hellenius M.L.
(Stockholm, SE)
Hindricks G.
(Leipzig, DE)
Ignarro L.
(Los Angeles, US)
Indolfi C.
(Catanzaro, IT)
J. Perk
(Kalmar, SE)
Landmesser U.
(Berlin, DE)
Linde C.
(Stockholm, SE)
Luscher T.F.
(Zurich, CH)
Milicic D.
(Zagreb, HR)
Minamino T.
(Niigata, JP)
Parati G.
(Milan, IT)
Patrono C.
(Rome, IT)
Pernow J.
(Stockholm, SE)
Pfeffer M.A.
(Boston, US)
Pinto F.
(Lisbon, PT)
Ruschitzka F.
(Zurich, CH)
Ryden L.
(Stockholm, SE)
Schmidt A.M.
(New York, US)
Seferovic P.
(Belgrade, RS)
Volpe M.
(Rome, IT)
Windecker S.
(Bern, CH)


Congress Venue

  • Karolinska Institute
    Nobles Väg 6
    171 65 Stockholm